CONEXPO Latin America holds successful exhibitor-information meeting in Santiago

Inaugural 2015 exposition will bring world-class event to region CONEXPO Latin America conducted a well-attended and well-received exhibitor-information meeting recently in Santiago, Chile; construction equipment manufacturers and related industry companies learned details directly from show organizers about exhibiting at this world-class event that is bringing the unique CONEXPO brand of… Read more »

Valparaiso : The Seaport City – Part 4: Heritage Threats

  “Preserve and defend culture by turning to our seas to enhance Chilean maritime conscience” Museo Naval y Maritimo de Valparaiso  [Image Source] Vintage photograph of Muelle de Pasajeros, Valparaiso In the 1990s, Architects Myriam Waisberg and later Cecilia Jimenez campaigned to support the heritage of the city. Jiminez carried out… Read more »

Valparaiso ‘The Seaport City’ – Part 3: Port and Transport Infrastructure, Earthquake and Fire Resistance

Port Infrastructure Commercial Port Since 1982, with the increase in containerisation, modernisation of the Valparaiso commercial port superstructure and operation began as a private-public partnership.  Continued export growth and advances in maritime technology have demanded further investment in dock infrastructure and equipment, a significant new phase of which is under… Read more »

Valparaiso : The Seaport City – Part 2: Urban, architectural and landscape development

UNESCO states that “…Valparaiso presents an excellent example of late C19 urban and architectural development in Latin America. In its natural amphitheatre-like setting, the city is characterised by a vernacular urban fabric adapted to the hillsides that are dotted with a great variety of church spires. It contrasts with the… Read more »

Valparaiso : The Seaport City – Part 1: City Planning

Valparaiso, commonly known as Valpo, is the second largest city in Chile, and Gran Valparaiso (which includes Viña del Mar, Quilpué and Villa Alemana) is the third largest conurbation in the country, after Gran Concepcion and Gran Santiago. It is also the capital of the Valparaiso Province and Valparaiso Region,… Read more »