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Edinburgh – Athens of the North – Part II: Old Town – Modern and Recent Developments

Modern and Recent developments in Edinburgh Old Town The focus of this article is on modern, post-modern and contemporary developments in Edinburgh Old Town, that is to say some of the major developments that post-date the life of Sir Patrick Geddes (1854 – 1932) with an area extending north of… Read more »

Edinburgh : Athens of the North : Part I – ‘Old Town’ Planning History

“…Edinburgh has been the Scottish capital since the C15. It has two distinct areas: the Old Town, dominated by a medieval fortress; and the neoclassical New Town… …The harmonious juxtaposition of these two contrasting historic areas, each with many important buildings, is what gives the city its unique character.” The… Read more »

Melbourne: Garden City: Part 4 – Urban Sprawl Issues

Like many urban environments, Melbourne faces significant social and environmental issues relating to its large urban footprint and urban sprawl and subsequent demand for infrastructure and services. Before further examination of this and to gain further perspective, its urban geography is considered. Urban Sprawl in the Garden City [Image Source]… Read more »

Melbourne: Garden City: Part 3 – Public Transport Facilities

Despite the fact that Melbourne has a very high dependency on cars for transport, particularly in the outer suburban areas, with a total of 3.6 million private vehicles using 22,320 km (13,870 miles) of road, and one of the highest lengths of road per capita in the world, the city has an increasingly… Read more »

Melbourne: Garden City: Part 2 – The Hoddle Grid, C19 and C20 Architectural and Landscape Heritage

Hoddle Grid The centre of the City of Melbourne‘s central business district (CBD) is formed by the Hoddle Grid (dimensions of 1.6 by 0.80km) first laid out in 1837. It is attributed to Robert Hoddle but known that it was based largely on the work of his predecessor Robert Russell… Read more »

Melbourne: Garden City: Part 1 – Historical Development

Pre-European Settlement Before the arrival of European settlers, the area was occupied by hunter-gatherers from three indigenous regional tribes: the Wurundjeri, Boonwurrung and Wathaurong. It was an important meeting place for the Kulin nation alliance clans and critically a source of food and water. European Settlement 1803-1851 The first European settlement in Victoria was established in 1803, at Sullivan… Read more »

Premier Expo welcomes you to participation in the 12th International BuildTech’2014 Trade Fair in Kiev!

Kyiv meets current events focused and united. All the governmental services and organizations, subway, auto transportation, railway stations, airports, banks, shops are working smoothly. The situation is being stabilized now. Thus the 12th International Exhibition for Building, Road, Mining and Specialized Machinery, Equipment and Technology – BuildTech’2014 will be held… Read more »

Cape Town: The Mother City: Part 3: Historic Architecture

Cape Town has a number of historic buildings, many of which are still in use today and open to visitors. A chronological overview is portrayed here. Castle of Good Hope 1666-1679 The Castle of Good Hope that stands today was erected by the Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie (Dutch East India Company) (VOC),… Read more »

Cape Town : The Mother City : Part 2 : Geological Construction Influences and associated Infrastructure

View of Table Mountain from Bloubergstrand  [Image Source] “…An appreciation of the magnificent sea and mountain views of the “fairest cape” can be enriched by knowledge of its geological foundations…” ~ University Cape Town (UCT) Department of Geological Sciences Table Mountain above the University of Cape Town  [Image Source]  … Read more »

Cape Town : Mother City : Part 1 : Settlement History

Cape Town is the oldest city in ‘the Rainbow Nation’ of South Africa and the legislative capital of South Africa housing its National Parliament.  It the most popular  international tourist destination in South Africa and in Africa as a whole and the largest city and provincial capital of the Western… Read more »