Euro Mine Expo

Registration opens for this year’s Euro Mine Expo – filled with interesting events

Now registration opens for one of Europe’s most important meeting places for the mining industry. ”Make reservations for the things you are interested in as soon as possible, but also make sure to arrange your travel logistics. This year you can book the accommodations through our website”, says Sinnika Sjunnesson,… Read more »

Euro Mine Expo: Bright future for the mining business

The last day of this year’s Euro Mine Expo highlighted, among other things, an outlook of the future with a speech of Jan Moström, CEO of the Swedish mining company LKAB and a morning meeting focused on how to become a supplier to the mining industry. Day 3 of Euro… Read more »

During the first day of Euro Mine Expo, Mikael Damberg, Swedish Minister for Industry and Innovation, agrees with Boliden’s CEO, Mikael Staffas, about the important role of mining in the conversion to reduced fossil emissions and more sustainable societies. “The Nordic countries has a large part of the raw materials… Read more »

Euro Mine Expos opens on June 12th in  Skellefteå, Sweden, with trade fair, conference, open sessions, delegates from about 30 countries and several of the major mining companies in place. “It’s important that Euro Mine Expo is not just a trade fair. The conference section, with lectures and seminars, deepens… Read more »

With just about two weeks to the opening of Euro Mine Expo the conference is nearly fully booked, 200 exhibitors are on their way and Project Manager Jaana Tengman looks forward to this year’s edition. When Euro Mine Expo opens on the 12thof June, it is with two fully booked… Read more »